Grant writer.
Writing, proposing, and securing grants for New Covenant Academy.

Includes work with EITC program.
The ideal candidate is passionate about NCA’s effort in creating Christ-centered academic excellence to students in multiple counties. This candidate is also someone who transforms that passion into compelling storytelling that connects with donors to help them see the opportunities NCA brings. The experience of expanding a network of funders in education will be one of the crucial skills that this candidate brings to this position, along with her/his/their strong sense of autonomy and ability to be detail oriented.

Job Responsibilities

  • Researches and maintains a database of funding opportunities for cultivation
  • Identifies new funding opportunities and creates profiles of prospective sources
  • Builds relationships with funders
  • Prepares fundraising related presentations
  • Be responsible for all aspects of grant proposal writing including information gathering, seeking feedback and reviews, and meeting proposal deadlines.
  • Manages existing and future grants including producing reports
  • Manages in-kind institutional donations/solicitations
  • Participates in the organization’s strategy building process and maintains a strong sense of direction about the organization
  • Creates fundraising targeted materials and templates
  • Attend all funding cultivation and benefit events

Connect with us

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